EP 62 – Just What The Dr. Mario Ordered

This week, the Dating Ourselves guys are joined by friend of the show Daniel B of BC to glorify the best unlicensed doctor of the MTV generation: Nintendo’s Dr. Mario. Have a seat in the waiting room as Paul shares his strategy of funding his retirement, Brian gets a concussion, Adam confirms the date the Berlin Wall was leveled, and Dan shares how his anxiety first started.

EP 61 – The Phantom of the Opera IS HERE!

Probably the most beloved musical of the 1980s, if not of all time, is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Phantom of the Opera”. The Dating Ourselves Podcast guys are joined by friend (and wife) of the show Neva to discuss The Music of the Night. Give it a listen as Brian mistakes the author of the source material as the villains from Disney’s Beauty & The Beast, Adam discusses a Chamber Choir field trip, Neva doesn’t just rhyme for the sake of it, and Paul calls the Phantom “The Original Hipster”.


EP 60.5 – Our Top Adult Cartoons… and No, Not Like That

It’s been a long time since we’ve done a guest-less Countdown podcast (although, we miss our buddy Bill from ZOS Films), but today we decided to end that streak. The guys of Dating Ourselves Podcast are covering some of their favorite Adult Cartoons… that being animated TV

EP 60 – Ooooh On the TLC Trip Down Memory Lane

We would like to remind everyone: Don’t go chasing waterfalls. That’s right, the Dating Ourselves Podcast boys are talking this week about the famous 1990s R&B girl group TLC. Don’t miss a second of Paul expressing his adoration of Sally Jessy Raphael, Brian talking about Grammys compilation CDs, and Adam visiting the guys’ childhood roller rink.

EP 59 – Submitted for the Approval of the Nostalgia Society, We Call This Episode Are You Afraid of the Dark

We took the month of June off, and felt we could make up for it by coming up with the longest episode title we’ve had so far. But, it’s a fitting title, as Adam leads us in a discussion of the Nickelodeon teen horror TV series, Are You Afraid of the Dark? Avoid nightmarish, sleepless nights as Brian talks about The Stig, Adam sells us on Letterkenny, and Paul talks about M. Night Shyamalan’s surprising source of inspiration.

EP 58 – This Episode on Chris Rock Will Cost You FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS

It’s about time we covered one of the original Bad Boys of Saturday Night Live. On this episode, the Dating Ourselves Podcast guys are once again joined by Daniel of BC to discuss one of the funniest people alive: Chris Rock. Don’t touch that dial as Brian reminisces about Dr. Katz, Adam gets hungry, Paul shares his guilty pleasure, and Dan introduces us to a new game: Did You Yell It at the Toddler or the Dog?

Episode 57.5 – Bloopers , Volume 6

A little something extra for the stay at home blues! This week on Dating Ourselves, Brian has some fun to share. Using a mix of found footage of our greatest hits and misses, Brian has composed another fabulous blooper episode! Tune in next week for our regularly scheduled programming.

EP 57 – The Ducking Beanie Baby Episode

Definitely one of our most requested topics, the Dating Ourselves Podcast guys finally get around to discussing the plushy goodness of Ty Beanie Babies. Stay tuned as Paul shares stories of his AOL CD battle scars, Brian describes his initial association with Jerry Garcia, guest host Dan (in a strange turn of events) becomes Adam’s boss, all while he can’t quite figure out why anyone would ever mean to text the word “ducking”.

Episode 56 – Give Those Podcasters Air: The Total Recall Episode

It’s been a bit since the Dating Ourselves Podcast boys have talked about a sci-fi or action flick, so why not talk about both?! That’s right, we’re going totally all in on Total Recall, the 1990 Paul Verhoeven film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone, Michael Ironsides and more! Check it out as Adam chats about The Jackal, Brian sympathizes with Goose’s wardrobe in the Top Guy volleyball montage, and Paul puts the image of a fight between Michael Ironside and Kurtwood Smith in our minds.

EP 55.5 – Fell in Love with a Podcast at the Rock Show

While Paul is boldly going where no man has gone before, Brian and Adam decide to have a chat about some of their concert experiences. Travel down memory lane with these guys, as Adam shares his surprising worldview he holds on Creed (even in 2020), and Brian recalls an uncharacteristically sentimental PSA at a Mudvayne show, and they both commiserate about the band Throwdown.

EP 55 – Phone a Friend! It’s Who Wants to Be a Millionaire!

This is our final answer, Regis; the Dating Ourselves Podcast guys probably the most beloved prime-time gameshow of the 1990s: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire! Listen on as Brian mentions President George Clinton, Adam shares his passion for the career of Justin Guarini, and Paul reminds us that not everyone understands how a compass works.

EP 54 – Diamondbacks, and Whalers, and the XFL: OH MY!

Last time was our soft opening of Dating Ourselves 2020 (does that make this episode our hard opening then?… let’s not think about that too much!), and this episode we are visiting some of the major US sports franchises that were added as expansion teams during our time period of 1980-2005, or the teams that are no longer with us today. Listen on as Brian does his (very bad) Northern New Jersey accent impression, Paul shares with us who his inner monologue sounds like, and Adam gives his two cents on Dave Matthews Band.

Episode 53 – No, You Heard That Right: We’re Planning on the Organ Trail

Welcome to our soft reopening of the Dating Ourselves Podcast 2020 Season. Co-host Brian has locked himself away as Adam and Paul to a play-through of Organ Trail, a retro zombie survival game that mimics and parodies the educational text-based video game series: The Oregon Trail. Give this one a listen as Paul outlines how comfort is something you seek in a zombie apocalypse and Adam lets us know that no one gets out of a zombie apocalypse by playing it safe. Also, feel free to check out the video of all the action on the Dating Ourselves Podcast YouTube and Facebook pages.

Episode 52 – Everybody Knows Your Name at Cheers!

Making your way in the world today takes everything you got, so the guys from Dating Ourselves Podcast get together to reminisce about the sitcom masterpiece: Cheers. Give it a listen as Brian describes the connection between cults and athleisure wear, Adam imagines Mike Portnoy performing “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”, and Paul chats about Creep Show.

Episode 51 – Firefly (and not that Owl City song)

While Brian is off jetsetting, Paul and Adam are joined by friend-of-the-show Dan B of Alaska to discuss the early 2000s science fiction TV series Firefly. This Space Western cult classic is a favorite of all three of these guys. This week, Paul reminisces about Charles Band movies, Dan channels his inner Barry White, and Adam surprises us with who Zac Efron played in the show.

Episode 50.7 – Merry Madness 2019 – Pt 2: Merry Christmas, We DO Want to Fight Tonight

On the first day of Christmas, Dating Ourselves Podcast gave to thee the first round of our single elimination tournament: Merry Madness 2019. Followers of the DOP Facebook page voted on their favorite holidays movies from 1980 – 2005, and those poll results determined the winners. This episode is the thrilling conclusion, the second if two episodes covering all this nostalgic actions. Be sure to check out Part 1 first, and then come back to listen to Adam crave some crabcake eggs benedict, Brian lament about George Mason University’s basketball team, and Paul touch a chunk of the Berlin Wall. Happy Holidays, folks!


EP 50.6 – Merry Madness 2019 – Pt 1: We Three Kings of Nostalgia We Are

Merry Christmas Darling, and Happy New Year too. The guys from Dating Ourselves Podcast are wishing all of our listeners the happiest of holidays in 2019. It’s that time of year again for Merry Madness, a single elimination tournament of throw-back-tion proportions! This year, we had listeners vote on our Facebook page for their chosen favorite holiday movies from 1980 – 2005 and pit these festive films against each other. This is the first of two episodes, so be sure to check out the conclusion of the tournament, being released in a few days. In the meantime, Paul shares the role where Rob Lowe looks the oldest, Adam meets a celebrity unexpectedly in a hotel elevator, and Brian offers the show’s unpaid intern a 10% raise.

Episode 50.5 – Aye, Aye, Aye! More Power Rangers!

The guys of Dating Ourselves Podcast invite Dan B of Alaska back to keep on with more discussion on the 90s hit TV series: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Tune in as Dan makes Power Rangers cereal, Adam receives a gift his parents intended to give him years sooner, Brian struggles with his neighbors’ names, and Paul envisions a too-realistic middle aged Power Rangers reunion.

EP 50 – Define Who IS Monica Lewinsky

It’s hard to do a podcast about 1980-2005, and not discuss the scandal that involved then-President Bill Clinton and White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Check is out as Brian is still waiting on his Americano, Adam mentions one of his favorite roles John Goodman has ever played, and Paul discusses the finer points of leaving a job after your boss saves your life.

Episode 49 – Guess Who? It’s a Board Game!

Can you Guess Who? it’s a mystery! That’s right, our three conquering heroes gather again to lead us in an entertaining discussion, this time on the Milton Bradley classic board game, Guess Who. Listen on as Paul reignites the tradition of turning board games into drinking games, Adam wants to shiplap everything, and Brian shares a little bit about his mother’s rules around Play-Doh.

Episode 48.5 – Halloween Special II: The Search for More Money

Spooky times with the Dating Ourselves guys, and they only get scarier when Bill of ZOS Films pays them a visit on this especially creep-tastic Halloween episode. In this episode, listen in as Bill knows the one thing that scares Adam most, Paul discusses his memories of being a nudist on strike, Brian mentions a particular Halloween costume no-no, and Adam introduces us to the term “Glampire”!

EP 48 – Go Learn, Power Rangers

It’s Morphin’ Time! Dragon Zord, Mastodon, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Sabretooth Tiger, Tyrannosaurus! The Dating Ourselves Podcast guys are joined by special guest and friend of the show Dan to discuss the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers… and holy crap, do Dan and Paul know a ton about this show! Listen on as Paul outs Dan for telling his kids that he would train them to be Power Rangers and still not making good on that promise, Adam experiences the Mandela Effect regarding Zack Taylor’s hands, and Brian nerds out about M.A.S.K.

Episode 47.5 – Sleepaway Camp Commentary Track

There’s been almost a year of buildup to this momentous occasion: watching the 1983 cult classic Sleepaway Camp (and wise-cracking through the whole stickin’ thing). This is Brian’s first time watching this movie, so of course the guys had to capture his reaction to the shocking, unsettling, and off-putting ending with a twist! Best listened to as a supplemental commentary track while watching the film in perfect synchronicity. Additionally, Adam knows a genuine Tom Selleck mustache when he sees one, Brian revisits the Lord of the Rings movies, and Paul surprises everyone with a story about the ole shaving cream prank.

Episode – 47 – While Adam’s Away, The Guys Stay Up Late with The WB Network

You read that right, folks. Adam is off doing responsible adult things, which gives grown Dating Ourselves Podcast children Paul and Brian an opportunity to get into some mischief while discussing The WB Network and Kids WB. Check it out as Paul educates us all on DC Comics and DC restaurants that serve frog legs, while Brian laments about how he’ll never get to all the media content he wants to. Enjoy!

Episode – 46 – Gotta Catch’m All! Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow

You want to hear the very best, the best that ever was? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This week, the boys are joined by gaming expert and friend of the show Amanda to discuss the original Pokemon video games released for the Nintendo Game Boy: Red, Yellow, and Blue. Listen on as Brian and Amanda compare notes about Game Boy accessories, Adam talks a very long time about one of his favorite movie series, and Paul shares the secret of his improved penmanship.

Episode 45 – Floating On with Modest Mouse

On this episode of Dating Ourselves Podcast, the guys get together to talk about one of the most iconic (and kinda weird) bands out of Issaquah, Washington: Modest Mouse. Give it a listen as Paul sells sushi, Brian gets academic about accents, and Adam relives the epic showdown between the Juggernaut and the Fire Breather.

EP 44 – The Scary World of Stephen King

So glad you could join us for this spooky, suspenseful, and sometimes downright weird adventure as the Dating Ourselves Podcast fellas talk about the life and works of renowned horror and science fiction author Stephen King. Check it out as Adam shares his tourism suggestions in Estes Park, Paul relives his memories of kill counts in TNT’s MonsterVision, and Brian is taking care of some Bachman-Turner Overdrive business. Not to mention The Godfather gets brought up so many times, you’d think that Mario Puzo was one of Stephen

Episode 43 – X-Men: (Seriously) The (Best) Animated Series

(In that voice from action movie trailers) This week, on Dating Ourselves Podcast… join the guys as they cover the long awaited topic of X-Men: The Animated Series. Take notes as Adam uses the word “Abzorbaloff” in a sentence, Brian sings like his mother, and Paul buys a kilt.

Episode 42.5 – Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Text Adventure Video Game

I know, I know… we’re supposed to be talking about X-Men: The Animated Series, but we just had so much fun last time discussing the 2005 Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie, that we decided to stroll back even further to 1984 to do an actual play-through of the Infocom interactive fiction video game version of Hitchhiker’s Guide. Check it out as Paul takes out his frustration on Prosser, Adam helps us pronounce “analgesic”, and Brian screams at his own brain.Video of this episode is also available on our YouTube channel!


Episode 42 – Don’t Panic, It’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Welcome back to the past, and welcome back to our first feature episode in over a month! On this episode, the guys have a discussion about one of the stranger comedies of 2005: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Give it a listen, as Brian explains the weird reason he liked season 8 of Game of Thrones, Paul reminisces on some of his early Tinder dates, and Adam changes the tide by tweaking the rules just a wee bit.


Episode 41.5 – Bloopers and Found Footage 4

This week on Dating Ourselves, we are still taking a break, but Brian has dipped into the archive to create something fun. Using a mix of found footage of our greatest hits and misses, Brian has composed a very special blooper episode!

Episode 41 – The Sony Walkman

Delighted that you could all join us as the Dating Ourselves guys talk about everyone’s favorite: The Sony Walkman. Tune in as Paul introduces us to the Columbia Record Club, Brian gets booed, and Adam remembers Tender Tennessee Christmas.

Episode 40 – Sooner or Later, We’d Talk About Our Man: Dick Tracy

Welcome back to the past… the way back past, when cartoony mobsters ran the streets, detectives with yellow trench coats put them behind bars, and the Dating Ourselves Podcast guys talked about their favorite 1990 film based on a 1930s comic strip: Dick Tracy. Check it out as Adam coins the term “comicbookized”, Brian practices saying “unique nuance”, Paul shares his Man with the Yellow Hat preferences, and everybody debates how to pronounce “Warren Beatty.”

Episode – 39 – Mystery Date Tinder the Boardgame

Mystery Date came onto the board game market in the mid-1960s, but because it was reissued in 1999 and 2005, it’s fair game for the Dating Ourselves Podcast boys to discuss. Check it out as Adam learns where vampires live, Paul listens to the local traffic report, and Brian keeps ranch dressing in his bedside drawer. Whatever you do, just don’t get stuck with The Dud!

Episode 38 – Our Capstone on Mighty Max (Get It?!)

The 80s and 90s were well-known for the animated series based on a toy line, and the Mighty Max TV series was certainly a prime example of this. Tune in as Paul stacks treadmills, Adam thinks of pork chop sandwiches, and Brian brings up Groundhog Day.

Episode 37.5 – Bloopers and Lost Footage 3

Changing it up this week on Dating Ourselves, Brian has dipped back into the archive to create something a little extra special. Using a mix of found footage of our greatest hits (and misses), we have an all new special blooper episode!

Episode 37 – Not Another Teen Wolf Movie

Today, the Dating Ourselves Podcast guys cover the most popular film of a (surprisingly) robust genre of high school werewolf movies, 1985’s Teen Wolf. On this episode, Adam describes yellow, Brian talks about friends posing for group pictures, and Paul has his actresses confused completely.

EP 36 – P. A. R. T. Y2K? Because I Gotta!

On this episode of Dating Ourselves Podcast, not to be confused with Y2J, B2K, BTK, 401k, or WD-40, the guys talk about Y2K. You know, welcoming the year 2000, the new millennium, and not having any idea if our computers would work? Check it out, as Brian mentions pots and pans (that he later gets accused of wearing), Paul arrives late to a meeting due to car trouble, and Adam is jonesin’ for a soda.

Episode 35 – Gushers by… Betty Crocker?!

Today on Dating Ourselves Podcast, the guys lead us in a discussion about a lunchroom favorite: Gushers, the fruit snack by none other than Betty Crocker. On this episode, Paul shares the family secret of how to keep a sack lunch cold, Adam gets a discount at the Chinese buffet, and Brian debates the pronunciation of “Mr. Voiceman.”

Episode 34 – Class Action Park

This week on Dating Ourselves, Paul and Adam are jealous of Brian as our home state of Michigan is deep in a Polar Vortex. However, sub-zero temperatures won’t prevent us from daydreaming of warmer weather as we discuss water parks!

Episode 32 – America’s Sweet Hart Melissa Joan Hart

Wrapping up 2018 on a great note, the Dating Ourselves guys talk about the acting career of Melissa Joan Hart. On this episode, Brian breaks the fourth wall, Adam brainstorms his dream narrators of Peter & The Wolf, and Paul name-drops all the 90s teen dramas he can muster.