Monthly Archives: April 2018

Episode 15 – Where in our Childhood was Carmen Sandiego?

Hold onto your fedoras, gumshoes! Today’s caper is brought to us by Dating Ourselves. On this episode, Brian leads us down memory lane with a discussion of the PBS game show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. Adam tries to remember his Spanish in the quest for the missing letter N, While Paul recounts the greatest squirrel story ever told while operating the Hopper.

Episode 14 – Wetsuits & Fat Americans

On this episode, slap on the wetsuit and come on down to Dolphin Park as the gang discusses the classic Nintendo 64 game Wave Race 64. The only video game to feature an American character whose description lists “poor handling, grip, and acceleration due to his weight; is recommended for advanced players.”

Episode 13 – Go Home, Simon. You’re Drunk!

This week on Dating Ourselves, round two of our new format. Brian invents new drinking games to please the liver involving the 80/90s memorization game Simon. Paul debates a world record attempt of playing Sweet Home Alabama on non instruments. All this while Adam takes an opportunity to switch roles and guide the hopper for a change.

Episode 12 – Is Smash Mouth still alive?

The gang is back on track after hiatus, exploring one of the essential bands of the 90s: Smash Mouth, trying to solve the great mysteries in life. Is Smash Mouth considered Rock, Pop, Alternative, or Ska? What is the cover-to-original ratio? What do Steve Harwell and Ron Jeremy have in common? The world may never know… or you can listen to this week’s episode!