Monthly Archives: February 2018

Episode 10 – Death Metal & Hogwarts, a love story.

In Today’s adventure Brian demonstrates the perfect toy to annoy parents and siblings, the YakBak. Paul debates on entering the world of eSports with Super Smash Bros. And finally our special guest host Neva leads us to a land of wizardry and mystery in a discussion on Harry Potter with a hint of death metal.

Episode 9 – Hooked on Da Yo-Yo , Da Coach , and Da Phonics

In this week’s episode of Dating Ourselves Adam spills the beans on the elementary school assembly that fueled his secret desire to be a Yomega Yo-Yo champion. Paul discusses hostile interview tactics and product endorsement inspired by sports legend Mike Ditka. Brian tries to increase our vocabulary with the system that worked for him, Hooked on Phonics.

Episode 8.5 – Advertising & Failing Memories

This week on Dating Ourselves, it’s a countdown special! We’ll be counting down our top 5 favorite TV commercials! The gang increases Paul’s vocabulary with games about Anthropomorphism while saving saving his Pepsi Points for a Harrier Jet. Brian lusts over the unknown singer of the Crossfire board game ad. And Adam wonders How many licks does it take? The World may never know.

Episode 8 – Best Lasagna your Allowance Can Buy in Cape Suzette

In today’s adventure, Brian uncovers his new invention of the rider snowblower in his segment on allowance, Adam reviews the romantic arcs of one of the world’s most beloved tales: Garfield, and Paul spins it with our most requested topic to date: Disney’s TaleSpin.