Monthly Archives: January 2018

Episode 7 – Total Request deceased , Dad joke edition

In this week’s episode, Adam discusses how watching Total Request Live cures migraines, and prepares the “cool guys” for senior prom; Brian shoe-horns in another story about playing in a band that is tangentially related to the classic Willy Wonka candy Laffy Taffy; and Paul reminisces about Sandusky, Ohio’s second biggest attraction (behind Callahan Auto Parts): Cedar Point.

Episode 6.5 – Fast Cars , Giveaway Winners, and Christmas Music?

We are taking a break from our regular shenanigans in order to thank some of our listeners for their show of support. We are giving away three nostalgia-themed paper flower arrangements by Paper Blossoms by Michal, and announcing those winners here. In addition to this fun contest, Paul shares his fondness for Michigan-based folk music by Da Yoopers, Adam takes all of Paul’s favorite holiday songs, especially those by Weird Al, and Brian sings selections of heavy metal yuletide.

Episode 6 – The Richest Armageddon in Darkness

In this week’s episode Brian’s discusses the proclivity toward sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll with the early 2000s glam metal band The Darkness, Paul shares his perspective on the highest grossing movie of 1998, Blues Brothers in Space… uhh, I mean Armageddon. This all while Adam gushes over the raw talent that was Macaulay Culkin in 1994’s Richie Rich.

Episode 5 – The Truth is Not There

In this Episode, Brian forgets his favorite episode of his “favorite” TV Show: The X-Files. Adam fondly recalls how ‘Indian Love Song’ by Slim Pickins blew his mind in the 90s classic sci-if parody film Mars Attacks and Paul will be on high alert for creepers at Spencer Gifts while shopping for Todd McFarlane’s Spawn action figure line.