Monthly Archives: November 2019

EP 50 – Define Who IS Monica Lewinsky

It’s hard to do a podcast about 1980-2005, and not discuss the scandal that involved then-President Bill Clinton and White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Check is out as Brian is still waiting on his Americano, Adam mentions one of his favorite roles John Goodman has ever played, and Paul discusses the finer points of leaving a job after your boss saves your life.

Episode 49 – Guess Who? It’s a Board Game!

Can you Guess Who? it’s a mystery! That’s right, our three conquering heroes gather again to lead us in an entertaining discussion, this time on the Milton Bradley classic board game, Guess Who. Listen on as Paul reignites the tradition of turning board games into drinking games, Adam wants to shiplap everything, and Brian shares a little bit about his mother’s rules around Play-Doh.