Monthly Archives: August 2020

EP 62 – Just What The Dr. Mario Ordered

This week, the Dating Ourselves guys are joined by friend of the show Daniel B of BC to glorify the best unlicensed doctor of the MTV generation: Nintendo’s Dr. Mario. Have a seat in the waiting room as Paul shares his strategy of funding his retirement, Brian gets a concussion, Adam confirms the date the Berlin Wall was leveled, and Dan shares how his anxiety first started.

EP 61 – The Phantom of the Opera IS HERE!

Probably the most beloved musical of the 1980s, if not of all time, is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Phantom of the Opera”. The Dating Ourselves Podcast guys are joined by friend (and wife) of the show Neva to discuss The Music of the Night. Give it a listen as Brian mistakes the author of the source material as the villains from Disney’s Beauty & The Beast, Adam discusses a Chamber Choir field trip, Neva doesn’t just rhyme for the sake of it, and Paul calls the Phantom “The Original Hipster”.