Monthly Archives: October 2018

Episode 27.5 – Halloween Special – The Slashers Strike Back

On this very spooktacular episode, the crew is joined by ZOS Films media mogul Bill Gelineau as we discuss our personal Top 3 Favorite Slasher Movies to brighten the harvest holiday season. We’ll learn Paul’s rude dietary habits as he murders burritos on air after skipping dinner. Adam will teach us about the personification of death, and how he doesn’t seem like such a bad guy. Brian will ask the hard questions such as what does the Slasher genre mean to you? All this and more on Halloween… Special… ya know, Halloween Special! Please check out more from Bill and ZOS Films here.


Episode 27 – Back to the 9daays, ft. The 27 Club

On this week’s episode, Paul will walk us through the viral YouTube video by Ben Giroux “Back to the 90s”. Brian clearly misses his Pizza Bagel Bites and Easy-Bake Oven. Adam educates Paul on the difference between EPs vs. LPs. And finally, friendships nearly end over the debate between fork or spoon whilst eating Mac & Cheese.

Episode 26.5 – Bloopers and Lost Footage 2

Changing it up this week on Dating Oursees, Changing it up this week on Dating Ourselves, Brian has dipped deep into the archive to create something a little extra special. Using a mix of found footage of our greatest hits (and misses), we have an all new special blooper episode!