Monthly Archives: December 2017

Episode 4 – UNO mas Batman featuring Kid Chameleon

On today’s episode of Dating Ourselves, Paul continues his fight against germs with the worst cold ever , all while battling Adam for control over the topic of Batman the animated series in Nostalgia Kombat. Brian will guide us through the 103 level warp maze that is Sega’s Kid Chameleon (blisters not included)  and the crew will discuss the competitive characteristics of Italian UNO players.

Episode 3 – Coming of Age in a Sea of Away Messages

On this week’s episode of Dating Ourselves, Paul is fighting off the worst cold ever while discussing a fat Jerry O’Connell in the coming-of-age classic Stand By Me ( leeches … enough said?) Brian brings us back to the time of ‘away messages’ and the art of not calling someone with AOL Instant Messenger. Adam shares with us the definition of “lit via 80s cocaine” made famous by WWF Superstar the Ultimate Warrior.

Episode 2 – There Can Only Be One! … Goldeneye

On this episode of Dating Ourselves, the gang discusses breaking things with Gator Golf clubs, the origin of screen cheating (and carpal tunnel) with the Nintendo 64 classic GoldenEye, and the Spanish accent of an immortal Egyptian Scotsman in the 80’s classic film The Highlander.

Episode 1 – Welcome Back to the Past! – Best Episode Ever

For the debut episode of Dating Ourselves, we discuss ourselves and our origins in a small Midwestern town. You’ll learn Brian’s thoughts on the Ninja Turtles’ recreational activities, Adam’s childhood fear of Mel Gibson’s 80’s Mullet, Paul’s ongoing nightmares caused by a certain cyborg police officer, and of course… The Simpsons in our Best Episode Ever.

Dating Ourselves Paper Blossom Giveaway!

The Crew of Dating Ourselves has teamed with Paper Blossoms by Michal for a special chance to win one of her of specially designed nostalgic themed creations. To be eligible for the contest please leave us a written 5 star review on itunes and fill out the form HERE so that we are able to contact the winners. All contact information will be kept private and only used for the purposes of contacting contest winners. First place winner will have the opportunity to from 1 of 3 handcrafted designs including this now famous Star Wars piece. Please subscribe for updates on the contest as well as awesome audio content.  Learn more about Paper Blossoms by Michal at