Brian’s Unexpected Covers #3: Toys R Us Jingle Guitar Arrangement

Welcome to the third go-around of what we are calling Brian’s Unexpected Covers. Essentially, popular songs from 1980 – 2005, performed in a style very different than originally intended. This video is also an homage to one of childhood retail heroes. Toys R Us was one of the most iconic children’s stores in the US, and all over the world. In 2018, after years of battling financial troubles, the company began shutting down all of its store. In its glory days, the Toys R Us jingle was an unforgettable and interconnected part of the brand’s dominance over the toy industry and the whimsy in children’s hearts. This version takes influence from the symphony-style guitar arrangements of musician and astrophysicist Brian May. May, most notably the lead guitarist of English rock band Queen, experimented with gigantic guitar tones and interesting harmonies, found in songs like Killer Queen, I Want to Break Free, and God Save the Queen. In this version, I started out with the familiar, major-key version of the Toys R Us jingle, but stick around for the second half, when I share a “minor” surprise. If you have any songs from the 80s, 90s, or early 2000s you’d like to hear covered, please feel free to request a song and, if you’d like, the style of music, and we’ll do our best to try it out!

Episode 22.5 – ZOSome!

This week on Dating Ourselves , Adam & Brian have the night off as Paul Interviews ZOS Films founding member Bill Gelineau about what brought him to film , works ZOS has completed, and the upcoming Michigan Movie Mondays! Check it out, it’s gonna be ZOSome!

Episode 22 – The Fighters of Foo

The end of an era is upon us; on this week’s episode, Adam will get nostalgic about leaving Texas while reminiscing about the legendary arena rock band: The Foo Fighters. Brian will tell us his best and worst concert experiences, and Paul is quick to notice Dave Grohl kinda looks the drummer from Nirvana.

Episode 21.5 – The Open Road

We are north bound with the hammer down as Paul and Adam embark on a road trip! Adam is moving back to the great state of Michigan. Listen as we encounter stuck trailers , strange vehicles , and all the makings of a good country song.

Episode 21 – School Lunch: The UnHappy Meal

Going all the way back to Elementary this week to relive the terrible shared life experience that is the School Cafeteria. Paul will walk us through the menu that smells of hot ham and cheese. Adam recounts the first time he realized he had a gag reflex and Brian walks us through his first protest … against school pizza.

Episode 20 – I Dreamed a Dream of the 1992 Dream Team

Nothing but net this week, as the fellas speak on the US Men’s Olympic Basketball team: the 1992 Dream Team. Don’t miss any of the action as Brian remembers the difference between “collegiate” and “cordial”, Adam wears himself out just thinking about Michael Jordan’s schedule, and Paul gives us all a reason to give a second thought when he offers up a beer mug. Episode 20. Thanks everyone for helping make this show such a blast to make!

Episode 19 – Do a Barrel Roll!

This week we learn we’ll never defeat Andross as Paul walks us through the ups and downs of the classic Nintendo game series: StarFox! Brian will hit us in the feels with tales of woe growing up in a Sega-only household, and Adam explores new delivery methods for the show.
(patent pending)

Episode 18 – A Trading Card Set that’s Fit for Wisconsin

On this episode, we have a special guest in da house! Greg from Wisconsin joins us to give us his insight on the awesomely gruesome, but somehow delightful trading cards: The Garbage Pail Kids. Limits will be tested as we learn Adam’s safe word. Paul mentions the worst image he can’t help but laugh at, Brian speculates on the impact of an atom bomb exploding in your head, all while Greg tries to keep us honest.

Episode 17 – Slingshots, First Beers, and Geeks

This week the gang takes a trip back to high school in an Adam-led discussion on the cancelled-before-its-time television show: Freaks and Geeks. Paul recounts a simpler time of water balloon slingshots and Halloween mischief, while Brian struggles to hold the show on rails.