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EP 36 – P. A. R. T. Y2K? Because I Gotta!

On this episode of Dating Ourselves Podcast, not to be confused with Y2J, B2K, BTK, 401k, or WD-40, the guys talk about Y2K. You know, welcoming the year 2000, the new millennium, and not having any idea if our computers would work? Check it out, as Brian mentions pots and pans (that he later gets accused of wearing), Paul arrives late to a meeting due to car trouble, and Adam is jonesin’ for a soda.

Episode 35 – Gushers by… Betty Crocker?!

Today on Dating Ourselves Podcast, the guys lead us in a discussion about a lunchroom favorite: Gushers, the fruit snack by none other than Betty Crocker. On this episode, Paul shares the family secret of how to keep a sack lunch cold, Adam gets a discount at the Chinese buffet, and Brian debates the pronunciation of “Mr. Voiceman.”

Episode 34 – Class Action Park

This week on Dating Ourselves, Paul and Adam are jealous of Brian as our home state of Michigan is deep in a Polar Vortex. However, sub-zero temperatures won’t prevent us from daydreaming of warmer weather as we discuss water parks!

Episode 33 – Nano Pets, Giga Pets, and Tamagotchis – OH MY!

In the first Dating Ourselves episode of 2019, the fellas cover the most requested topic ever: Nano Pets, Giga Pets, and Tamagotchis. On this episode, Adam talks Offspring Americana, Paul mentions pizza guys, and Brian brings up memories of mealworms.

Episode 32 – America’s Sweet Hart Melissa Joan Hart

Wrapping up 2018 on a great note, the Dating Ourselves guys talk about the acting career of Melissa Joan Hart. On this episode, Brian breaks the fourth wall, Adam brainstorms his dream narrators of Peter & The Wolf, and Paul name-drops all the 90s teen dramas he can muster.

Episode 31.6 – Merry Madness Part II: There can BE ONLY one

This Throwback Thursday we’re continuing to ride into the throws of TV holiday specials. As promised, today, we will work through the Elated Elite Eight, the Frostbite Four, and determine the overall Merry Madness Champion.This is part two of this Christmas-y competition. We went through the overviews of each episode last time (Part 1), so if you need a refresher course, I recommend going back and giving it a listen. Onward toward the champion! Excelsior!

Episode 31.5 – Merry Madness Part I

For this year’s holiday special, the gang wanted to do something fun. So we decided to take 16 of our favorite TV specials of the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s… and pit them against each other in a single elimination tournament we are calling MERRY MADNESS. We have 16 different holiday episodes that will lock reindeer antlers, and only 8 will emerge victorious. Much like the NCAA Basketball tournament of a coincidentally similar name, our contenders are split into 4 regions. Due to the breadth of what we’re trying to cover, we have split this special into two action-packed episodes. The first half is being covered now, on December 17th, the one year anniversary to the Dating Ourselves Podcast debut. The second half will be posted on throwback Thursday, December 20th.

Episode 31 – Dumbo: The Elephant in the Room

Even though it was released in 1941, Disney’s fourth full-length feature production Dumbo was re-released in the 80s and 90s on Betamax and VHS, exposing a whole generation to flying pink elephant terror. On this Paul lead episode, Adam talks about presidential portraits, Brian reinforces the myth that elephants are made of rubber, and Paul expresses his fondness for drunk doctors.

Episode 30 – America’s High-Five, Ft. The Russian Five vs The Fab Five

This time on Dating Ourselves, the guys talk about two great teams from the Great Lakes State: the Detroit Red Wings’ Russian Five and the Michigan Wolverines’ Fab Five. Not only do you get to hear about them, but the guys will definitively decide on whether these hockey greats or these basketball greats are the greatest (pretty great, right?!). Brian brings up the Buffalo Bills a few times, Adam crunches some numbers, and Paul has heard of at least some of these players!

Episode 29 – The Tommy Pickles Memoirs

On this edition of Dating Ourselves the gang is tackling the original Nicktoon Rugrats! Paul leads the discussion as we explore Brian’s favorite episodes. Adam will guide us through the ups and downs including the fan theory that haunts Chuckie Finster’s nightmares. Discover the magic before they were all growed up.